Compuhourse in his Home

Compuhorse is a horse with a computer implanted in his side. Despite his ability to move from place to place, he has not been shown to move his body that often. He speaks with the help of a computer like Stephen Hawking. He can sometimes be seen with his friend Calcupony. His online persona in Cubewhacker is Omegasteed. He Tried To Make Another Friend But It Failed.


Compuhorse used to be a normal horse until one day a computer factory exploded and a bunch of computers smashed into hi and he got mixed with them in a cool and weird way and he then became Compu-Horse.

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Two Arms Joe
  • Honorary Freak
  • Best Before Date
  • Cube Whacked
  • There Will Be Stomp
  • Taste of Friendship (cameo)
  • Compu-Peri