Entrèe (named in reference to the food course) is the best friend of Peri. He is a mutant that is p
art cow, pig, chicken and shrimp. He was created for the purpose of being eaten. His home is a giant pizza oven, and his bed is a barbecue grill.

Entrèe is very susceptible to evil, most of the time he ends up causing more destruction than Mr. Smarty Smarts. He has a special word "poosh" which makes him follow any order anyone gives him (which could be another purpose the mad doctor gave him). He's usually the main target for Joe's two-legged stomp.

He is fond of food, especially mayonnaise, in fact in one episode he tried to have a diet that included only this. His obsession leads him to eat inedible objects on several occasions. He can store objects in his belly, is rather simpleminded and is suprisingly brutal. He has a talking brain, stomach and heart, which can live outside his own body. He can detach his own tongue and has a name for every one of his udders as seen in Juiced. He hates the Mole-sters and he has an attention span problem. It is believed that the Doctor created him at a disco as cows and chickens were dancing in his dream. He is rather violent and he likes gross things.

He walks on his udders. He has been seen putting socks on his udders. Entree is also the most delicious animal on the planet. He is voiced by Joe Ping
Spliced Entree by Shopi Star