Copy of Spliced Peri by sandrathachao


Peri (short for failed exPERIment number 13) is a mutant spliced from an unknown rodent (possibly a red squirrel) and some kind of cephalopod (possibly a cuttle fish) who does not know what his raison d'etre (purpose) is.

Every mutant on the island was spliced together with a purpose in mind. Everyone that is, except Peri. His body is extremely elastic, as shown in a few episodes.

His home is a plane that crashed on the island. He enjoys bowling and a wild improvised game called "bucket-stick-fruit-ball" that always ends with someone being hurt. His best friend is Entree. Peri is voiced by Rob Stefaniuk.

It is possible that Peri has been spliced with a Wooly Bear Caterpillar wich would explane his graspers, elastic form and his orange and black fur. Adding to the theory is that in one episode he grew butterfly-like wings so it is likely he has caterpillar D.N.A. he is from some movies called Spliced Spliced and The Trouble I've Seen


  • Peri is considered cute by many fans.
  • He only has one ear.
  • He has a very soft skeletal system.